IDSDP - International Day of Sport for Development and Peace

Celebrate International Day of Sport for Development and Peace with Sport Matters!

Sport Matters is celebrating the 4th IDSDP on Thursday 6 April, 2017.

We’ll be launching a two-day social media campaign celebrating the theme ‘We Play Together’ on Facebook and Twitter on Thursday 6th April to Friday 7th April.

Sport Matters and the NRL will host a morning event on the day. The morning will feature guest speakers, including our youth and some digital content showcasing the power of sport for development and peace, followed by a photo opportunity for all attendees as part of the global IDSDP social media campaign, with our giant #IDSDP letters and with Sydney’s greatest sporting venues, Allianz Stadium & Sydney Cricket Ground, as the backdrop.

Given it is a morning event, we will be one of the first in the world to celebrate this day and share our united voice online!

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Join us for the International Day of Sport for Development & Peace - Click here to find out more.

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